PowerLab Software Modules & Upgrades

LabChart Pro Upgrade

LabChart Pro provides advanced acquisition and analysis and includes all the latest LabChart Modules for Windows and Macintosh, plus 5 years of free upgrades.

LabChart Modules

Blood Pressure

The Blood Pressure Module automatically detects, analyzes and reports a set of cardiovascular parameters from arterial or ventricular pressure signals, online or offline.

Circadian Analysis

The Circadian Analysis Module analyzes LabChart recordings with a daily pattern and generates graphical and tabular views of the daily and averaged circadian data.

ECG Analysis

ECG Analysis detects and reports the onset, amplitude and interval times of PQRST from human and animal ECG signals.

PV Loop

The PV Loop Module records and analyzes left ventricular pressure and volume data for hemodynamic research in animals. It enables the calculation of loop area and a wide range of hemodynamic parameters, during and after sampling.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

The GLP Client and the GLP Server software provides PowerLab users with an easy and reliable data acquisition solution for a GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. The GLP software is only available for LabChart for Windows.

LabChart Upgrades

Call customer service at 800.669.2343, to find out if there are any upgrades to your current LabChart software.


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