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Millar OEM Solutions partners with global leaders in technology, manufacturing and healthcare to turn breakthrough technologies into life-saving innovations. Our high-performance MEMS pressure sensors and wireless pressure platforms seamlessly integrate with clinical and life sciences advancements to improve patient outcomes and shape the future of medicine.

Recorded Webinar: Why Measure Pressure?

Watch Millar’s OEM Business Development Manager, Valor Thomas, as he discusses the added benefits of using MEMS pressure sensors in medical devices.

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MEMS Sensors Advance Medical Device Development

MEMS pressure sensors operate by converting pressure signals into electrical signals via small strain gauges, called piezoresistors, implanted in a thin silicon membrane. As pressure deflects the membrane, it creates mechanical strain, which is then transformed into a change in electrical resistance and read out as a change in voltage. The interface electronics can connect to commercially available monitors and leverage existing device circuitry, reducing system complexity, lowering project costs, and increasing speed to market.

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