Product Service or Repair

For over thirty-five years, Millar, Inc. has been proud of its product quality and reliability. During the course of your work, your catheter may require service or repair. To determine if your catheter model is eligible for repair, please refer to the table below. Catheters will be evaluated at no charge.

Flexible Repair Policy Options

Starting November 10, 2006, Millar is pleased to announce flexible repair policy options for the following catheter models: SPR-671, SPR-407, SPR-320, SPR-838, SPR-839, and SPR-869. Millar has always fully supported researchers by repairing catheters for three years after purchase. This unprecedented service will stay in place for customers who prefer this repair option. Millar will also offer a no repair option that benefits experienced users who receive a high number of uses from their catheters or have limited funds.

No Repair - Waive the repair option and purchase the catheter at a reduced price. It is now more cost effective to purchase two catheters and have a redundant catheter available during studies.

Traditional Repair - Purchase the catheter at regular cost and maintain the option for repair. All catheters sold before 11/10/2006 will have the traditional repair option.

Repairs are warranted against defects from materials and workmanship for a period of 90-days from the date of return shipment to the user.

Product Return Directions

Before returning a product, please contact Millar's Customer Service Department for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. If a return is determined necessary, catheter products must be returned sterile, well packed and insured for the full value. Please enclose a note with a reason for the return including your phone, fax number and e-mail address, should we have questions.

Repair Options By Catheter Models

Locate your catheter model in the table below to determine repair options. 


Research: Mikro-Tip Pressure Catheters
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
MPR-500No SPR-370Yes
SPR-1000No SPR-370SYes
SPR-249AYes SPR-407Option 
SPR-320Option SPR-513Yes
SPR-330AYes SPR-524No
SPR-340Yes SPR-595Yes
SPR-340SYes SPR-671Option
SPR-350Yes SPR-882Yes
Research: Mikro-Tip Multiple Pressures Catheters
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
SPR-721Yes SPR-771Yes
SPR-751Yes SPR-771SYes
Research: Mouse/Rat Pressure Volume Catheters
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
SPR-877No SPR-923-1No
SPR-889No SPR-923-2No
SPR-894No SPR-923-3No
Research: Large Animal Pressure-Volume Catheters
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
PVR-1030No SPR-864Yes
PVR-1035No SPR-869Option
PVR-1045No SPR-878Yes
SPR-838Option SPR-901Yes
Research: Rabbit/Small Animal Pressure-Volume Catheters
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
SPR-562-1No Ventri-Cath 512No
Ventri-Cath 507No Ventri-Cath 512SNo
Ventri-Cath 507SNo Ventri-Cath 515No
Ventri-Cath 510No Ventri-Cath 515SNo
Ventri-Cath 510SNo   
Research: Electrophysiology
ModelRepairable ModelRepairable
EPR-800No EPR-802No