Strategic Partnership with ADInstruments

Data with Integrity - Millar and ADInstruments strategic partnership for research

Millar cardiovascular Mikro-Tip® pressure and MPVS PV Loop systems are now exclusively available through ADInstruments as of November 17, 2014

This strategic partnership enables a new capacity for global reach while strengthening local support availability for all Millar customers. By leveraging the capabilities of ADInstruments, Millar will be able to renew focus on advancing our product lines and discovering innovative ways to support our customers' research needs.

Millar has been business partners with ADInstruments for over 15 years and both companies share the same goals of providing quality products backed by world-class technical support and service.

By combining the accurate and sensitive measures of Millar Mikro-Tip® pressure and MPVS PV Loop systems with the flexibility and integrity of Labchart analysis software and PowerLab data acquisition, you can now get a complete solution to advance your research capabilities and get results you can trust.

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As a customer, what can I expect from this partnership?

Delivery times 

Customers can expect delivery times to remain the same or improve, depending on the region.

Contact and Support 

ADInstruments has a global network of experienced sales and scientific support representatives who will be your primary contact for any Mikro-Tip® pressure and MPVS PV Loop research. Through this partnership customers will experience increased access to in-country (local) sales and support resources, reducing response times and improving communication.

Fast-track your research with dynamic training and ongoing support from ADInstrument’s experienced team. Their range of specialized training and support solutions make your life easier by saving time, effort and expense.

Millar will be still be available for higher-level application questions and support when needed and you can always register to our knowledge center for access to useful support information and videos for pressure and pressure volume studies.

Going Forward

Millar will continue to work closely with ADInstruments to provide innovative solutions for Millar researchers focusing in cardiovascular and basic research applications.  Millar has always been active in both the clinical and research markets and product improvements in one market often drive improvements in other areas. 

By partnering with ADInstruments, Millar can deliver an improved customer experience to our research customers while devoting more resources towards new product development across all product lines.

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