Inca PV Loop System

Real-time, Cardiac Hemodynamic Monitoring Using PV Loops

As the exclusive North American distributor of CD Leycom®’s Inca® Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop System, Millar offers a complete clinical PV loop solution for cardiac function analysis. The Inca PV Loop System enables real-time hemodynamic monitoring by analyzing the pressure-volume relationship, cardiac contractile state and intraventricular dyssynchrony from a single PV loop catheter during cardiac catheterization procedures.

Pressure-volume loops allow clinicians to:

  • View instant, real-time images of cardiac function and performance
  • Gain access to more than 60 data parameters
  • Analyze systolic and diastolic disorders in real-time

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Inca PV Loop System

Understand Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Measurements

The Inca intracardiac analyzer is the world’s only clinically approved intracardiac pressure-volume analysis device. The Inca delivers greater insight into a patient’s cardiac function, providing clinicians with:

  • Real-time intra-beat and beat-to-beat intra-ventricular measurement of cardiac function and performance which can provide guidance for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
  • Real-time operator independent measurement of intra-ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony, a prerequisite for CRT and Heart Failure diagnosis
  • Reliable detection and quantification of Heart Failure conditions such as Systolic/Diastolic Heart Failure with low and normal ejection fraction (HFnEF)
  • Accurate acquisition, display, analysis and storage of cardiac function data.


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Millar is the exclusive distributor of the CD Leycom Inca PV Loop System and catheters in North America. Inca and CD Leycom are registered trademarks of CD Leycom.

Clinicians can obtain more comprehensive and accurate measurements for:


Clinical PV Loop Parameters include:

Heart RateMax and Min Pressure
Max and Min VolumeElastance (EDPVR)
Cardiac OutputContractility Index (ESPVR)
Stroke VolumeStroke Work
Pre-load Recruitable Stroke Work (PRSW)Ejection Fraction
TauTime-Varying Maximum Elastance E(t)
End-Systolic Elastance (Ees)Max and Min Ventricular dP/dt
Arterial Elastance (Ea)Max and Min dV/dt


Cath Lab Integration

Due to its compact design, the Inca can be seamlessly integrated into an existing cardiac catheterization lab, hybrid cath lab or operating theater.  When combined with an optional cart, the Inca provides the mobile flexibility needed to move between multiple cath labs at a single facility.

The Inca ships with a medical, grade touch screen PC with the ConductNT software pre-installed. The ConductNT software provides hardware control, real-time data display and acquisition plus real-time analysis.  Additional features include automatic calibration and automatic calculation and display of an intraventricular segmental dyssynchrony index.

PV Loop Catheters

Millar offers sterile, single-use CD Leycom® PV loop catheters in a 4F version with no lumen and a 7F version with a lumen for use with a 0.025” guidewire.  The catheters are offered in several electrode spacing configurations to provide an optimal fit to the patient ventricle. More on PV conductance catheters.