CD Leycom PV Loop Catheters

Pressure-Volume Loop Catheters for Hemodynamic Measurements

Valuable insight from a single catheterization

CD Leycom pressure volume catheter for hemodynamic measurements

CD Leycom® PV Loop Catheters when used with the Inca® System, provide real-time pressure and volume data, enabling a complete assessment of cardiac function from a single catheterization.

4F conductance catheters without lumen

  • 4F, 12 electrodes, 1 pressure sensor between electrodes 5 and 6, pigtail, no lumen
  • Spacing options at 6 mm and 10 mm between the electrodes
  • Requires an appropriate sized guide catheter 

7F conductance catheters with lumen

  • 7F, 12 electrodes, 1 pressure sensor between electrodes 5 and 6, pigtail, with 0.025” guide wire lumen
  • Spacing options at 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm between the electrodes


PV Loop Catheter Electrode Spacing and Length

Review the charts below to guide your conductance catheter selection process.


CD Leycom PV Catheter List with Electrode Spacing

4F without lumenElectrode spacingLong-AxisApplication
CA-41063-PN*6 mm35 ... 55 mmSmall adult ventricles
CA-41103-PN10 mm45 ... 85 mmNormal and slightly dilated adult ventricles
7F with lumen
CA-71083-PL8 mm38 ... 70 mmSmall and normal adult ventricles
CA-71103-PL10 mm45 ... 85 mmSlightly dilated adult ventricles
CA-71123-PL12 mm52 ... 100 mmDilated adult ventricles
* Segment 3 of this catheter measures 12 mm to fit in the pressure sensor.


Catheter Length Based on Heart Size

Long-axis conductance catheter length

By adjusting the number of included segments (from 3 to maximal 7), each catheter covers
a range of heart sizes. The purple area marks the optimal choice.


Determining Catheter Length

How to determine required PV loop catheter length

The catheter length should match the ventricular long axis
(as measured by MRI and/or echocardiography).

Minimum length (mm): (4 x L) + (2 x La) +10.0 (pigtail)
Maximum length (mm): (7 x L) + (2 x La) +10.0 (pigtail)

* = Driving electrodes. The proximal driving electrodes may be positioned above the aortic valve.
L =  Electrode spacing
La = Spacing (3 mm) between the driving electrodes



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