ADInstruments PowerLab 8/30 or 16/30 DAQ Hardware and Chart™ DAQ Software

Hardware: The PowerLab hardware receives the analog pressure and volume signals provided by the MPVS-300 signal conditioning hardware. The hardware digitizes the analog signals so the Chart software installed on the computer can read them. The DAQ hardware also filters and temporarily stores the data.
An eight-channel system (8/30) will allow the user to connect up to six additional peripheral measuring devices.

A sixteen-channel system (16/30) will allow the user to connect up to fourteen additional peripheral measuring devices.

Software: The Chart software allows the user to calibrate and acquire the raw pressure and volume data and display it in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The program offers a menu for a quick channel setup and a two-point unit’s conversion/calibration window.

The pressure and volume waveforms can be displayed in a scrolling strip chart format, and they can also be plotted against each other in real-time (using the online XY-plot window so the user can view the P-V loops in real-time).
With Chart, the user can also acquire data from any other peripheral measuring devices connected to the open input channels of the PowerLab DAQ hardware. DVM (digital voltmeter) indicator windows for the different channels can be opened to display numerical data.

The Chart program also allows the user to perform a variety of pre-programmed mathematical calculations on the raw data, or perform inter-channel calculations, all in real time, with strip-chart displays. The user can easily review the acquired data and highlight selections of good data to export to a text file for a comprehensive analysis by PVAN.

Millar offers the ADInstruments PowerLab DAQ hardware and software with some of its MPVS-300 system packages to provide the end-user with a complete turnkey solution for Pressure-Volume data acquisition and analysis.

However, the end-user is free to purchase other data acquisition systems from outside suppliers or utilize their existing laboratory data acquisition system. Please contact Millar with questions regarding the compatibility of data acquisition systems with Millar equipment.