Mouse Telemetry System

Mouse Telemetry System

Unequaled biopotential data quality

Mouse telemetry system tBase with mouse cage Kaha Sciences (previously Millar) Mouse Telemetry System enables unequaled measurement of biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG) signals in real-time for a true understanding and enhanced clarity during telemetry studies. Designed to bring efficiency and affordability to wireless monitoring through single-use telemeters, the Mouse System eliminates the need for explant, cleaning or refurbishment. This minimizes downtime between studies and allows more time for data analysis and publication development.

The mouse telemetry system is ideal for high-volume studies with high-quality data requirements. It can be used with mice > 22 grams for free-roaming, unrestricted studies within the cage environment and is compatible with current data acquisition and analysis systems.

Single-Use Biopotential Telemeter Design

Unique to the Mouse Telemetry System is the single-use, biopotential telemeter. The consumable design reduces downtime and delays. It's the new standard for efficient, productive telemetry studies.


Why Kaha Sciences Mouse Telemetry?

Unmatched Telemetry System BenefitsApplications for New Discoveries

Enables uninterrupted studies

ECG, EEG or EMG signal recording

Reduces handling-induced stress

Brain activity in conscious animals

Provides 24/7 recording capabilities and digital data transmission

Neurodegeneration research (Parkinson's)

Lowers cost of ownership

Pharmacology and toxicology studies

Eliminates refurbishment costs with single-use implantation

Seizure and epilepsy research

Promotes streamlined setup and ease of operation

Tumor studies


Greater Insights into Your Telemetry Data

Uncover new insights with an unmatched data quality and a higher temporal resolution, supported by Kaha Sciences digital data transmission and a sampling rate of up to 2 kHz. The system accurately measures parameters that are traditionally restricted to acute or tethered experiments. The system also delivers an index of animal activity for a better understanding of when the animal is active during a given period and to help refine research protocols.

ECG Mouse Telemetry Data

ECG Mouse Telemetry Data








EEG Mouse Telemetry Data

EEG Mice Telemetry Data