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March 1, 2017

This webinar will include an overview of the three-load independent PV Loop indices and clinical methods used to vary ventricular pre-load to calculate ESPVR (Ees). The webinar will also highlight the use of PV Loops in HFpEF assessment.

Key Topics:

Presenters: Nohemi Razo
February 20, 2017

This webinar will review topics to consider when setting up a lab for chronic telemetry studies. Topics covered will include setting up a clean surgical environment to minimize infection rates, controlling the ambient environment and accommodating a large number of telemetry setups in small spaces.


Presenters: Sandy Lau, PhD
January 23, 2017

This webinar will discuss best practices for care and cleaning of your Millar research tools, including Millar telemetry systems, pressure and pressure-volume systems, to ensure you meet the intended longevity of the product. 

Key topics discussed:

  • Storage recommendations
  • Handling during implantation, explantation and cleaning
  • Cleaning of the catheter and sensor


Presenters: Sarah-Jane Guild, PhD
December 14, 2016

Join us for the Discover Pressure-Volume Loops webinar to learn how to interpret the pressure-volume (PV) loop for a complete understanding of real-time, cardiac function. This webinar will cover PV loop basics, the theory behind the PV loop, and insights into the pressure-volume relationship.

The webinar is available at two different times to accommodate various time zones.

Presenters: Nohemi Razo
November 28, 2016

As telemetry becomes more accessible to the research community, there is a greater expectation from funding bodies and journal article reviewers to record biological signals from conscious, freely moving animals.  Join us as we explore the technology behind Millar telemetry and gain a better understanding of how we can help you broaden the scope of your experiments.  Millar Scientist, Sandy Lau, will provide an overview of Telemetry studies and discuss how your research can benefit from incorporating chronic recordings into your laboratory protocol.

Presenters: Sandy Lau, PhD


May 8, 2017

This 40-minute webinar with Q&A introduces the advantages and limitations of measuring telemetry biopotential signals in conscious free-moving animals. We will discuss what signals can be measured, what data parameters can be analyzed and show examples of data collected by Millar customers for different applications.

Session 1
4:00 PM CST (May 8) | 10:00 PM GMT (May 8) | 9:00 AM NZT (May 9)

Session 2
4:00 PM NZT (May 9) | 12:00 PM HKT (May 9)

Presenters: Sandy Lau, PhD
June 12, 2017

This webinar will discuss considerations for expanding research studies beyond arterial pressure measurements and how this can enhance the quality of your research.

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