Representation image of Millar's Mikro-Cath pointing out the marker band and sensor.

The Next Generation of Pressure Catheters 

You asked, we listened. Our original Mikro-Cath™ now includes a marker band for added visibility during all of your cath lab procedures.

Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheter

The Mikro-Cath™ pressure catheter delivers repeatable, exact data for reliable insight into cardiovascular, respiratory, and intra-compartmental pressure cases. The solid-state catheter is unaffected by motion artifacts or body position, enabling data you can count on when making critical clinical decisions. The Mikro-Cath also provides expert evaluation for benchtop studies when evaluating the efficacy of medical device performance.

X-ray scan of a Millar Mikro-Cath marker band

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Product Reference 825-0101
Working Length 120 cm
Tip F Size 3.5F (1.2 mm or 0.47")
Body F Size 2.3F (0.8 mm or .031")
Guide Catheter Compatibility 5F
Tip Configuration Straight
Pressure Sensor(s) 1
Use <24 hours
Shaft Material Nylon
Sensor Sensitivity 5 µV/V/mmHg, nominal (37.6 µV/V/kPa) | 3.68 µV/V/cmH2O, nominal
Accuracy (nonlinearity, hysteresis, sensitivity and repeatability combined) ± 1 mmHg (0.13 kPa) ±1% of reading from -50 to 50 mmHg (-6.7 to 6.7 kPa) ±3% of reading from 50 to 300 mmHg (6.7 to 40 kPa) | +/- 1.4 cmH20 +/- 1% of reading from -68 cmH20 to +68 cmH20

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