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Millar OEM Solutions partners with global leaders in technology, manufacturing and healthcare to turn breakthrough technologies into life-saving innovations. Our high-performance MEMS pressure and pH sensors, along with wireless pressure platforms, seamlessly integrate with advancements in clinical and life sciences, enhancing patient outcomes and shaping the future of medicine.

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Making Medical Devices Smarter

Millar's market-leading pressure sensing technology can make medical devices smarter with real-time monitoring capability, less invasive access and more reliable results. Our MEMS pressure sensor integration and wireless pressure technology are providing significant improvements in the medical understanding of existing patient conditions, therapy efficacy and device capability.

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Delivering Valuable Insights


By integrating pressure sensors into diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular devices, additional insights can be relayed about the patient's cardiovascular health and how to proceed with treatment or therapy.

Critical and Neurocritical Care

Life threatening conditions require accurate, comprehensive, intensive critical care. Millar catheter-based solutions are regularly deployed in critical care situations to continuously measure internal fluid pressures and monitor the patient's condition, from brain to heart health.


Millar research catheters have been cited in numerous publications for effectively measuring interstitial fluid pressure. Consider how decades of our catheter development expertise can be transferred to today's oncology medical devices.


Millar pressure sensor-enabled devices measure airway pressures for various respiratory purposes, from sleep apnea studies, to lung disorder diagnoses, to inhale-exhale pressure exercise studies.


Incorporating Millar's high-fidelity pressure sensing capabilities into intra-compartmental pressure measurement devices enable continuous monitoring in trauma patients with reliable, accurate results even during patient movement.

Other Markets

Our expertise spans a variety of industries. So whether you're interested in developing a device for emergency medicine, urodynamics, or any other application where pressure is measured inside the human body, Millar can help.

pH Sensor Integration with Needle

ISFET pH Sensor Solutions

Millar's advanced ISFET pH sensors offer a wide range of applications across numerous medical fields, from gastrointestinal to wound care to urodynamics. Our cutting-edge technology ensures precise and reliable pH measurements, facilitating breakthroughs in medical diagnostics and treatments. With decades of experience and continuous innovation, Millar's integration process guarantees enhanced yields and mitigates common challenges associated with sensor integration. This results in reduced costs and accelerated time to market for integrated medical devices. Trust Millar to streamline the ISFET pH sensor integration process, providing reliable solutions that drive efficiency and success in your applications.

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Millar's OEM Solutions team has been collaborating with our partners for years to help create breakthrough products that shape the future of medicine. We excel in pressure sensor integration and have the expertise to help move projects forward, reducing the cost and time to market. Come partner with Millar.

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