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Millar's Mikro-Tip® pressure catheter-based sensor technology provides an ideal solution for highly accurate measurement of arterial and ventricular blood pressures, spinal pressures, tumor pressures or airway pressures. Our complete line of high-fidelity pressure catheters, amplifiers and systems deliver the in-depth insights every researcher needs when accuracy counts.

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Millar Catheters Get Pressure Measurement Results

The insights made possible by the Millar Mikro-Tip's accurate, high fidelity, beat-by-beat blood pressure measurement form the basis of many successful cardiovascular research programs. Mikro-Tip catheters can be quickly delivered via peripheral vessels like the carotid and femoral arteries for routine blood pressure monitoring. Millar catheters also provide a simple, accurate method for recording tumor interstitial fluid pressures in cancer tissues.

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PV Loop Studies Produce Complete Data

Pressure-volume (PV) loop studies provide researchers with comprehensive real-time data regarding normal and diseased conditions of the heart by generating the characteristic left or right ventricular pressure-volume loops. Our cutting-edge PV loop system has a wide range of research applications in both large and small animal models. PV loops have been used in baseline and occlusion PV loop analysis, phenotyping gene manipulations, toxicology, pharmacology, surgical interventions, and much more.

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50 Years of Millar Innovation

In 2005, Millar introduces the first 1F mouse pressure catheter.


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