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Tailoring solutions for small to medium-sized device manufacturers, our pure-play MEMS sensor foundry empowers innovation through precision sensor development and integration. Our microfoundry is the heart of Millar's sensor development process, offering off-the-shelf and custom solutions to meet our customers' unique needs. Trust Millar for your fastest path from design to full device, with seamless integration of advanced sensing capabilities into your devices, supported by our collaborative business model and cutting-edge facilities. 

Sensor Foundry Process

Your Partner in Sensor Solutions 

Low Volume, High Precision 

At Millar, we're in tune with the needs of startups and smaller sized manufacturers. Our commitment to keeping minimum order quantities low ensures the flexibility and precision that are essential for our customers' projects. Discover how our low-volume sensor manufacturing can accelerate your project timelines and drive innovation forward.  

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Rapid Prototyping and Development 

Speed and efficiency are at the core of our sensor design philosophy. We've streamlined our processes for faster R&D cycles, minimizing your project risks and ensuring swift progress from concept to clinical trial. Connect with our team today to discover how our rapid prototyping services can help move your project forward. 

pH Sensor Integration with Needle

Off-the-Shelf Sensors 

Millar prides itself on our custom designs, yet we also understand the need for quick and efficient solutions. That's why we offer a selection of off-the-shelf "low-cost" sensors solutions that are ready for immediate integration. Explore our portfolio of reliable sensors tailored to meet your immediate requirements.  

Custom Sensors 

Specializing in custom-designed sensors tailored to our customer’s specifications, we cater to small to medium-device manufacturers who require custom solutions. Our diverse capabilities ensure a high level of control, even at low quantities. Reach out to a member of our team to explore our process for creating custom sensors and discover how it can benefit your project. 

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Where Sensor Innovation Begins

At our independent, pure-play MEMS Mikrofoundry™, we leverage decades of experience to craft high-quality MEMS sensors tailored to our customers’ needs. Our portfolio boasts a variety of ISFET pH sensors, Wheatstone half and full-bridge pressure sensors, and more. Every step of the production process, from lithography to chemical vapor deposition, diffusion, and annealing, is carefully performed in-house. Once our wafers pass testing, our skilled operators meticulously dice and pick them. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a dedicated testing factory, a fully equipped tooling shop featuring a 5-axis CNC milling machine, an electronic and PCB circuit design facility, a dynamic software development unit, and a comprehensive sensor and product assembly facility.  


Utilizing state-of-the-art lithography techniques, we achieve precision in sensor design. This step is crucial for creating intricate patterns on silicon wafers, laying the foundation for high-performance sensors.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

With CVD, we grow thin films of materials with exceptional purity and uniformity. This process is vital for creating sensor layers with precise thickness and characteristics, ensuring optimal sensor performance.

Diffusion / Annealing Furnaces

Our diffusion and annealing furnaces optimize sensor properties such as conductivity and stability. This step ensures that sensors exhibit consistent and reliable behavior across various applications.  

Vacuum Deposition

Through vacuum deposition, we apply protective layers to sensors, enhancing their durability and resilience. This process is crucial for shielding sensors from environmental factors and ensuring long-term functionality. 

Partnerships for Growth

Millar has strategic partnerships with leading MEMS sensor foundries for larger-scale projects. When you're ready to scale up, we'll be there to connect you with the right resources. Learn how our collaborations can drive growth for your sensor innovations.

Ready to revolutionize your sensor solutions? Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore the possibilities of our microfoundry.

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Millar OEM Solutions has been collaborating with our partners for years to help create breakthrough products that shape the future of medicine. Contact us today to collaborate on your next project. We welcome your questions and ideas. US Headquarters T: +1 832.667.7000. Toll Free: 800.669.2343 (US Only)

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