Pre-Clinical Pressure Catheters

Millar Mikro-Tip® pressure catheters provide an ideal solution for measuring highly accurate pressures. Whether measuring arterial and ventricular blood pressures, spinal pressures, tumor pressures or airway pressures, a high-fidelity pressure sensor from Millar is a necessity for your research. Millar partners with ADInstruments to distribute our life sciences pressure catheters. 

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Coming From Transonic Scisense? Millar is here to help.

Transonic Scisense has closed its doors, and the Scisense product lines have been transferred to Millar for future customer support. 


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Mikro-Tip® Pressure Catheters

Single Pressure Catheters

Millar Mikro-Tip® single pressure catheters are designed for mice, rats and larger animal models, such as pigs and sheep. Features include: single high-fidelity pressure sensor side mounted at the catheter tip, sizes ranging from 1 F (0.33 mm) to 6 F (2 mm) in diameter, and straight and curved tips without pigtail.

Multiple Pressure Catheters

Millar Mikro-Tip® multiple pressure catheters are the ideal solution for measuring accurate pressures in larger animal models, such as pigs and sheep. 

Mikro-Tip Pressure Catheters for Accurate Research

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Model Subject Tip Tip F Size # of Sensors Length
SPR-1000 Mouse Straight 1F 1 16 cm
SPR-671 Mouse Straight 1.4F 1 16 cm
SPR-407 Rat Straight 2F 1 140 cm
SPR-320 Rat Straight 2F 1 140 cm
SPR-513 Rat Curved 2F 1 140 cm
SPR-524 Small Mammal Straight 3.5F 1 100 cm
SPR-350 Pig and Sheep Curved 5F 1 120 cm
SPR-751 Pig and Sheep Curved 5F 2 120 cm

Get Precise Pressure Results

For more information on how Millar and ADInstruments are working together to provide precise pressure and pressure volume research results, please download the Accuracy Matters brochure.

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