Millar and Transonic Scisense Alignment

Transonic will be exiting from the life science research market to concentrate on its clinical and OEM product lines. The Scisense product lines will be transferred to Millar, who through their distribution partnership with ADInstruments, will provide researchers worldwide with optimal solutions and customer support for pressure measurements and pressure-volume (PV) loops products.

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Millar's Commitment to Advancing Technology

This alignment ensures that researchers across the globe will continue to have access to cutting-edge pressure and pressure-volume (PV) catheters and systems to meet industry needs. This strategic move demonstrates a commitment to advancing pressure-volume (PV) loop technology, offering enhanced capabilities, ongoing support to existing customers, and unmatched value to the market.    

As customers of Transonic Scisense navigate through this transition, Millar and ADInstruments are ready to offer personalized assistance and address any concerns. With Millar's extensive industry experience and comprehensive product and service portfolio, customers can expect the same high standards they are accustomed to from Transonic Scisense. 

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PV Loop Analysis

Millar aids cardiovascular research globally by providing state-of-the-art products for complete pressure-volume (PV) loop analysis. Researchers can easily access comprehensive data in every application, enabling them to make highly accurate and confident measurements and decisions. Millar's research systems offer pinpoint accuracy, maximum performance, and customizable pressure measurement tools, making them the ideal choice for researchers. The gold-standard Millar Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop System allows simultaneous and continuous measurement of high-fidelity ventricular pressure and volume from a variety of animals, ranging from transgenic mice to livestock. 

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Pressure Measurement Results

Millar offers a range of Mikro-Tip® high-fidelity pressure catheters that are ideal for measuring precise pressures in various applications. These catheters are suitable for measuring arterial and ventricular blood pressures, spinal pressures, tumor pressures, or airway pressures. Available in sizes ranging from 6F for larger animals to the world's smallest 1F catheter for mouse cardiac evaluation, Millar's Mikro-Tip® pressure catheters ensure accurate pressure measurements. If you require reliable and accurate pressure sensing in your research, a high-fidelity pressure sensor from Millar is a necessity. 

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Millar and ADInstruments

Millar Mikro-Tip® Pressure and PV Loop catheter systems are available exclusively from Millar’s exclusive distributor, ADInstruments. Our strategic partnership enables an extended capacity for global reach while strengthening local support for all Millar customers. Millar and ADInstruments have been business partners for over 15 years. Both companies share the same goals of providing quality products backed by world-class technical support and service. 

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Millar has been collaborating with researchers around the world for years to provide breakthrough technology that advances medical innovation. For inquiries or additional information about this alignment, please reach out to a member of our support staff.

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