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Millar's pressure sensing technology integrates with a wide variety of medical devices and applications to deliver valuable real-time insights that can improve the patient's physiological condition. Potential applications for device integration are virtually limitless, including: cardiovascular, airway pressure, intracranial pressure, compartment pressure, spinal pressure and urodynamics.



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Cardiovascular pressure measurements, such as left ventricular pressure, right ventricular pressure, and valve gradients, provide in-depth data to assess heart failure conditions. Millar's absolute pressure sensor design fits within a 2F (.024") encasement and measures pressures from 500 to 1000 mmHg (67 to 133 kPa). Our integrated high-fidelity sensors can reduce sources of error typical of fluid-filled right heart pressure measurements and provide feedback data in various circulatory assist devices.

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Critical And Neurocritical Care

Pressure data acquired during invasive monitoring for critical care patients can help physicians make life-saving decisions. For neurocritical care patients, increased pressure in the brain caused by traumatic head injuries can cause permanent brain damage if not monitored and immediately treated. Millar's pressure sensors are routinely used to accurately monitor pressures within the fluid surrounding the brain after head injuries.


Continuous pressure monitoring in controlled or assisted respiration support devices is critical to reducing complications such as skin erythema, skin breakdown, and skin pressure ulcers. The addition of pressure sensors directly to respiratory devices can also support improved feedback mechanisms for intubated patients and or a better understanding of pressure measurements during nasal high flow oxygen therapy.

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Millar catheters have a proven record of providing highly accurate airway and esophageal pressure data in clinical research applications. Our medical pressure sensors are available for OEM respiratory device integration to provide clinicians with reliable pressure data in intensive care units or therapeutic applications. The Millar sensor sensitivity of 3.68 μV/V/cmH2O (nominal) enables high accuracy in low-pressure environments, potentially increasing therapy success and avoiding further complications for ventilated patients.


Millar's integrated sensor stability delivers reliable, accurate measurements even during patient movement. This opens up possibilities for continuous monitoring applications that involve exercise or other movement. Our integrated pressure sensing technology can also monitor the onset of acute compartment syndrome following a traumatic injury. Combining the sensor with Millar's Wireless Pressure Platform can redefine monitoring during medical evacuation and transport, preventing long-term loss of limb.

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