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Welcome to Millar's state-of-the-art 56,000 sq. ft. manufacturing hub in Pearland's lower Kirby district. Explore our cutting-edge facility housing approximately 140 employees and a vast 15,000 sq. ft. cleanroom—both class 7 and class 8. 

ISO Class 7 Clean Room

In the heart of Millar's new facility lies our ISO Class 7 clean room, dedicated to crafting FDA-approved clinical products. Immerse yourself in an environment that adheres to the utmost standards of cleanliness and precision. The room's air quality is ensured through a calculation involving the volume of air filtered per hour, divided by the room's volume, resulting in approximately 30-60 air changes per hour for ISO Class 7 certification. 

Embarking on an innovative project? Reach out to us and explore the possibility of renting space in our state-of-the-art clean room. 

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Millar Clean Room

Photo of Millar's Class 7 Clean Room

ISO Class 8 Clean Room

Our ISO Class 8 clean room is the hub for pre-clinical product manufacturing and home to our dynamic research operations team. Collaborating closely with our OEM experts, this space defines precision in design builds for OEM projects. Maintaining the ISO Class 8 standards, the clean room undergoes approximately 10-25 air changes per hour, ensuring a controlled and pristine environment. 

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We're constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team at Millar. Explore our current job openings to discover exciting opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations. Whether you're interested in contributing to our clean room positions or exploring professional administrative roles, we welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to grow their careers with us.

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Contact Millar OEM Solutions today to collaborate on your next project. We welcome your questions and ideas on OEM Solutions implementation. US Headquarters T: +1 832.667.7000 Toll Free: 800.669.2343 (US Only)

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