Millar's Chronic Implantable Sensor Module

As market leaders in the acute pressure measurement space, Millar is continuing to make medical devices smarter by offering the newest technology on the market. Introducing TiSense – A fully implantable titanium module that houses Millar's high-fidelity sensor, enabling our OEM customers to create smarter medical devices.

This product is still undergoing R&D development. 

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TiSense Chronic Implantable Sensor

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Making medical devices smarter, long-term.

This revolutionary module is implantable, made out of titanium, encapsulated, and hermetically sealed - allowing for implantation periods of greater than 5 years. It was designed for customers seeking an implantation duration that is greater than our standard offerings, which currently range from 7-29 days of use.

The device is compliant with ISO 10993 and can be tested in accordance with customer-provided specifications. This new platform is extremely versatile and can be tailored to each customer’s unique use case or application.


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