Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter

The Mikro-Cath pressure catheter, now including a marker band, delivers repeatable, exact data for reliable insight into cardiovascular, respiratory, and intra-compartmental pressure cases. The solid-state catheter is unaffected by motion artifacts or body position, enabling data you can count on when making critical clinical decisions. The Mikro-Cath also provides expert evaluation for benchtop studies when evaluating efficacy of medical device performance.

High-Fidelity Pressure Benefits

The Mikro-Cath’s high-fidelity technology provides ease of calibration to get access to data faster, a clean, accurate signal to eliminate the guesswork during analysis, and real-time data directly from the source to assess hemodynamics, airway flow, or suspected compartment syndrome. As a gold standard method for measuring pressure, the Mikro-Cath is highly suitable for high and low pressure environments within the body. With limited noise in the signal, there is a clear understanding of the patient’s condition.

Mikro-Cath Applications


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A product shot of Millar's Mikro-Cath disposable catheter

Expert Insight into Clinical Cases

The Mikro-Cath can be easily integrated into standard patient monitoring systems via interface cables and a Millar pressure control unit, offering an immediate upgrade to the fluid-filled monitoring alternatives. There is no need to calibrate to patient height or insertion angle and the patient position does not affect the pressure signal. Continuous data can be recorded for up to 24 hours. Review the Mikro-Cath calibration video at the bottom of this page.

Mikro-Cath vs. Traditional Fluid-Filled Catheters

When compared to fluid-filled catheters, the Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter provides real-time, accurate pressure data. The Mikro-Tip® sensor measures blood pressure, airway pressure, or compartment pressure at the source, providing a true representation of the pressure data and eliminating many of the common shortfalls of fluid-filled catheters, including signal variances from the patient position or timing delays. There is minimal noise and no air bubbles or motion artifacts to interfere with the signal.

  1. A waveform graph comparing pressure measurements from a Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter to a Fluid-filled Transducer
  2. A waveform graph measuring pressure data from a Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter

Pulmonary artery pressure waveforms

  •  Fluid-filled Transducer
  •  Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter


Product Reference 825-0101
Working Length 120 cm
Tip F Size 3.5F (1.2 mm or 0.47")
Body F Size 2.3F (0.8 mm or .031")
Guide Catheter Compatibility 5F
Tip Configuration Straight
Pressure Sensor(s) 1
Use <24 hours
Shaft Material Nylon
Sensor Sensitivity 5 µV/V/mmHg, nominal (37.6 µV/V/kPa) | 3.68 µV/V/cmH2O, nominal
Accuracy (nonlinearity, hysteresis, sensitivity and repeatability combined) ± 1 mmHg (0.13 kPa) ±1% of reading from -50 to 50 mmHg (-6.7 to 6.7 kPa) ±3% of reading from 50 to 300 mmHg (6.7 to 40 kPa) | +/- 1.4 cmH20 +/- 1% of reading from -68 cmH20 to +68 cmH20

Mikro-Cath Product Downloads

Download the Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter information sheets to learn more about Millar's market-leading solution for obtaining the most accurate and comprehensive pressure measurements.

Indications for Use Statement

The Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter is a single‐use catheter intended to be used for medical research and diagnostic purposes. The catheter is indicated to measure cardiovascular, intra-compartmental, and airway pressures in the human body. The catheter is used as a minimally invasive device under short-term limited body contact (<24 hours).

The typical cardiovascular application will be through the femoral artery with the use of an additional guiding catheter.

Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter may be introduced into the targeted muscle compartment through an introducer. The Mikro-Cath may be introduced into the respiratory system through an existing orifice or through an incision.

Additional contraindications, precautions, and warnings are referenced in the Instructions for Use available under the Knowledge Center acute catheter manuals.

Video: Mikro-Cath Calibration 

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