Cardiovascular Pressures

Millar's Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter delivers true hemodynamic data for deeper insight into cardiovascular function, helping guide diagnostic decisions when precise measurements count. Mikro-Cath data from the source provides reliable signals, including accurate dP/dt for advanced clinical applications, such as exercise studies, drug therapy evaluation, and heart failure cases.

Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheters

Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheters use Millar's patented pressure sensor technology to record precise measurements of cardiovascular function, unaffected by motion artifacts or body position. This high-fidelity pressure data helps to identify potential cardiovascular conditions and make in-depth assessments in real time.

Clinicians can obtain more comprehensive and accurate measurements for:

Mikro-Cath Catheter Versus Traditional Fluid-Filled Catheters

With an appropriately sized guide catheter or introducer, the Mikro-Cath can be easily integrated into any cath lab’s hemodynamic system via standard interface cables, offering an immediate upgrade to the fluid-filled catheter.

When compared to fluid-filled catheters, the Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter provides real-time, accurate blood pressure data. The Mikro-Tip® sensor measures blood pressure at the source, providing a true representation of the blood pressure waveform, and eliminates many of the common shortfalls of fluid-filled catheters, including signal variances from patient height or position changes.

Accurate dP/dt Unreliable dP/dt
True pressure signal Augmentation of signal - overshoot, resonance
No time delay Time delay
Free from motion artifacts Motion artifacts - catheter whip
True pressure readings at any height in fluid Gravitational effects on zero

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Mikro-Cath Targets Precise Accuracy

The Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter delivers repeatable, exact data for reliable insight into cardiovascular, respiratory, and intracompartmental pressure cases. The solid-state catheter is unaffected by motion artifacts or body position, providing data you can count on when making critical clinical decisions. The Mikro-Cath also provides expert evaluation for benchtop studies when evaluating efficacy of medical device performance.

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More About Cardiovascular Pressures

Download the Mikro-Cath Pressure Catheter information sheet to learn more about Millar's market-leading solution for obtaining the most accurate and comprehensive cardiovascular pressure measurements.

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