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Millar is revolutionizing medical device capabilities with its state-of-the-art volume measurement solutions, honed through years of KOL collaboration and innovation across multiple applications. Collaborating with Millar enables customers, from researchers to medical device developers, to access comprehensive data with unprecedented accuracy, precision, and confidence, empowering informed decision-making and breakthrough discoveries.

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Enhancing Device Precision

Beyond its renowned pressure sensors, Millar can combine seamless electrode integration with admittance technology across various medical devices and applications. Providing clear, continuous, real-time insights into patient conditions, these sensors elevate the precision of medical diagnostics and treatments.

With a streamlined integration process ensuring enhanced yields and mitigated challenges, Millar's volume measurement solutions offer reduced costs and accelerated time to market for innovative, admittance enabled medical solutions. From pressure-volume loop studies to new device development, Millar's comprehensive offerings connect life sciences to OEM, empowering researchers and medical device developers with unprecedented accuracy and confidence in their data-driven decisions.

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Calibration Techniques: Admittance vs. Conductance

Millar has decades of history leveraging conductance for real-time volume measurement. Conductance utilizes the concept of electrical conductance to gauge volume changes. Admittance, the innovative successor to conductance, relies on the principle of electrical impedance to measure changes in volume within biological structures. It assesses the capacitance of tissues or chambers and translates these electrical properties into volume measurements to provide an enhanced insight into real-time volume. This technology has a number of unique, direct applications in the cardiovascular space.

Additionally, there are approximately 80 publications related to admittance, with around 20 of those focused on large animal studies. This extensive body of research highlights the effectiveness and applicability of admittance technology in various physiological contexts, particularly in cardiovascular research and clinical practice.

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Example Clinical Applications


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Advancing Research

For over 50 years, Millar has been deeply engaged in scientific studies, propelling us to the forefront of medical research through innovation. This enduring commitment to advancement is exemplified by our ongoing collaborations with researchers worldwide, who rely on Millar technology, including pressure catheters and pressure-volume loop systems, to make measurements and decisions with unprecedented accuracy, precision, and confidence.

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Enhancing Medical Device Capabilities

Millar OEM Solutions collaborates with global leaders in technology, manufacturing, and healthcare to transform breakthrough technologies into life-saving innovations. Our high-performance sensors integrate with clinical and life sciences advancements, revolutionizing medical device capabilities. Whether you're a researcher or a medical device developer, partnering with Millar enables access to comprehensive data with unprecedented accuracy, precision, and confidence, shaping the future of medicine and improving patient outcomes.

Millar OEM Solutions

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