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Let Us Handle the Pressure

Millar OEM Solutions partners with global leaders in technology, manufacturing, and healthcare to turn breakthrough technologies into life-saving innovations. Our high-performance MEMS pressure sensors and wireless pressure platforms seamlessly integrate into your big ideas to improve patient outcomes and shape the future of medicine.

Millar Adds Value to Every Integration Phase

In-depth knowledge is required for successful MEMS sensor integration. The learning curve associated with this can add years and millions of dollars to a project. You need Millar to guide you. An effective OEM process needs to account for every stage. Our proven integration process does just that and includes the following phases:
  • Discovery
  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing Development
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Sustaining Engineering Services

MEMS Sensors Advance Medical Device Development

MEMS pressure sensors operate by converting pressure signals into electrical signals via small strain gauges, called piezoresistors, implanted in a thin silicon membrane. As pressure deflects the membrane, it creates mechanical strain, which is then transformed into a change in electrical resistance and read out as a change in voltage. The interface electronics can connect to commercially available monitors and leverage existing device circuitry, reducing system complexity, lowering project costs, and increasing speed to market.

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Integrating Our Small Sensor Into Many Markets

Millar's pressure sensing technology integrates with a wide variety of medical devices and applications to deliver valuable real-time insights that can improve the patient's physiological condition. Potential applications for device integration are virtually limitless, including:

  • Cardiovascular 
  • Airway Pressure
  • Intracranial Pressure
  • Spinal Pressure
  • Compartment Pressure
  • Urodynamics

Discover TiSense: Chronic Implantable Sensor

As market leaders in the acute pressure measurement space, Millar is Making Medical Devices Smarter Long-Term by offering the newest technology on the market for chronic pressure readings: TiSense.

This novel technology platform is designed for implantation periods of greater than 5 years. Made of titanium, encapsulated, and hermetically sealed, TiSense is revolutionizing the industry.

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Guide to Sensor Selection

Download our Guide to Sensor Selection

Each sensor has certain capabilities and limitations. To choose the best sensor for your device, one must consider a variety of factors.

To learn more about the sensor selection process, consider downloading our new guide.

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DeviceTalks Tuesdays: Webcast Recording

In this recorded webcast, listen as our OEM team discusses the advantages of making medical devices smarter by integrating MEMS sensors. Additionally, they talk through some of the current trends of contract design and manufacturing services and how Millar stands out in the Medtech space.

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A close up loo at a computer screen with graphs and data

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