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Listen to presenter Tom Salemi chat with our CEO, Tim Daugherty, and Sr. OEM Business Development Manager, Valor Thomas, about how we are making medical devices smarter by using our MEMS technology. 

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Webcast Details:

  • Host: Tom Salemi
  • Presenter: Tim Daugherty, Valor Thomas
  • Title: Making Medical Devices Smarter: The advantages of working with a pressure sensor integrator
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What You’ll Learn

Advances in medical devices are helping transition the healthcare industry from a subjective mindset to that of a quantitative mindset. This transition is being largely enabled by advances in sensor technology. MEMS Sensors can be leveraged in medical devices by providing closed-loop feedback while enabling increased device responsiveness and improved therapy outcomes.

Millar’s high-performance MEMS pressure sensors seamlessly integrate with clinical and life sciences advancements to improve patient outcomes and shape the future of medicine. Our extensive OEM integration expertise can help ensure the success of a project by determining optimal sensor integration possibilities, rapidly identifying the right sensor to smooth your path to market.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What are the advantages of a MEMS sensor vs. other sensor technologies?
  • The challenges of pressure sensor integration
  • How Millar is bringing OEM breakthroughs to life with our pressure integration process  

Millar Presenters

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Tim Daugherty - President & CEO (right)

Valor Thomas - Sr. OEM Business Development Manager (left)








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