A Conversation With Dr. Murgo

The relationship between Dr. Joseph Murgo and Huntly Millar dates back to November 1971. Dr. Murgo approached Huntly over 50 years ago with a desire to study hemodynamics using high-fidelity, catheter-tip transducers. With this common interest, he and Huntly became fast friends. Dr. Murgo’s approach around wanting to develop and use high-fidelity, catheter-tip transducers came at a time when Huntly saw a way to make them. They worked together for many years, developing complex catheters for taking simultaneous measurements of all sorts of pressures in various chambers of the heart and in the associated major vessels

In February 1972...

Huntly delivered to Dr. Murgo the first catheter to be made with two pressure sensors and a lumen. A 5 cm spacing between the pressure sensors and the adjoining lumen allowed placement in the left heart with the tip in the left ventricle and the proximal sensor in the aorta. It worked beautifully!

Following this were various other innovations made together, including a series of catheters that incorporated three pressure sensors to simultaneously measure pressures in the pulmonary artery, right ventricle, and right atrium and an interesting catheter with six pressure sensors for simultaneous measuring of the aortic pressure wave and it’s reflections as it travels down the aorta.

Millar catheters have since come to represent the ‘gold standard’ for accurate measurement of pressure in humans and have become essential for acquisition of accurate hemodynamic data in assessment of cardiovascular function. The relationship between Millar and Dr. Joseph Murgo spans decades and is rooted in passion for innovation and the advancement of medical science. 

During this special fireside chat with Millar CEO, Tim Daugherty, Dr. Murgo recounts memories of his medical career, his friendship with Huntly, and his vision for the future state of medicine.

High-fidelity Hemodynamic Library

Millar, Dr. Murgo, and the Brook Army Medical Center (BAMC) have always believed deeply in the need for hi-fidelity pressure catheters in the cathlab. To help educate current and future clinicians, the BAMC team has created many hemodynamic teaching files from the high-fidelity hemodynamic wavefom library at Brook Army Medical Center.

Their library represents the largest known collection of multisensor high-fidelity hemodynamic studies in man. To see more, visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRF2iCrQC-f9QNq4bNn8dVQ/featured

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