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Millar Receives TGA Approval to Begin Sales of the Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheter in Australia

HOUSTON, August 16, 2022

Millar, Inc., a medical device manufacturer and OEM solutions partner, is pleased to announce that they have received approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia for their Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheter. The Mikro-Cath™ is a single–use pressure catheter intended to be used for medical research and diagnostic purposes. The catheter is indicated to measure cardiovascular, intra-compartmental, and airway pressures in the human body. The catheter is used as a minimally invasive device under short-term limited body contact (<24 hours).


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This regulatory expansion will provide Australian physicians and clinical researchers access to high-fidelity pressure data that is reliable and unaffected by patient movement or position. The Mikro-Cath's technology provides ease of calibration to get access to data faster, a clean, accurate signal to eliminate the guesswork during analysis, and real-time data directly from the source to assess hemodynamics and airway flow.

As a gold standard method for measuring pressure, the Millar Mikro-Cath™ is also highly suitable for diagnosing chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) where a continuous intramuscular pressure signal during exercise can be a helpful diagnostic utility in patients with symptoms consistent with CECS. Patients with CECS experience pain during exercise that subsides with rest. CECS is commonly found among Australian athletes such as long-distance runners, football players, and basketball players. According to Global Market Insights Inc., the compartment syndrome monitoring devices market value surpassed USD 41 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period (2021-2031).

"This approval has been long-awaited, and we look forward to working with Australian clinicians who are interested in acquiring the most comprehensive and reliable cardiovascular, airway, and compartment pressure data." shares Matt Davis, Chief Commercial Officer. "As a nation of sports enthusiasts, we anticipate that this regulatory approval will also open an opportunity for an improvement in patient care within the compartment syndrome monitoring space in Australia."

For over 50 years, Millar has manufactured MEMS sensor-enabled catheters that deliver the most reliable measurement of physiologic pressures and have been used to advance medical research and device development in cardiovascular, respiratory, neurosurgical care, and orthopedic applications. In addition to Australia, the Millar Mikro-Cath™ is also approved for cardiovascular pressure measurements, airway pressure measurements, and intra-compartmental pressures in the USA and Europe. Customers residing in Australia can find more information about the Mikro-Cath™ at


About Millar

Since 1969, Millar, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, has led the development of catheter- based, solid-state pressure sensors and is known worldwide as the leader in MEMS pressure sensors that advance medical understanding. Millar OEM serves the medical device and life sciences industries through our MEMS pressure sensors, ISO 13485 precision manufacturing and wireless pressure technology, resulting in cost savings and rapid time to market for sensor integration. The company's clinical and life sciences products empower medical discovery and allow advanced cardiovascular diagnosis.

Melody Warren 
Marketing Manager 
Millar, Inc. 


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