Portrait of Erik Hartholt

Erik Hartholt

Manager of Research and Development, Sentron

Erik Hartholt, Manager of Research and Development at Sentron, a Millar Company, leads a dynamic team of passionate engineers dedicated to pioneering new developments and exploring cutting-edge technologies. With a tenure at Sentron since 2000, Erik brings a wealth of experience in electronics and a proven track record as a project leader across diverse applications.

His expertise spans the development of catheters for Cardio dynamics and Urodynamics, as well as High-Resolution Manometry (HRM) solutions for Esophagus diagnostics. Additionally, Erik has played a pivotal role in designing and manufacturing capsules tailored to measure various parameters including pH, pressure, and temperature. Beyond the medical domain, Erik has spearheaded projects in other sectors, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.

Driven by a singular mission, Erik is committed to creating products that not only enhance diagnostic accuracy but also prioritize patient comfort. His unwavering dedication to innovation is underscored by a vision to revolutionize healthcare and improve the overall quality of patient care. 

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