Mikro-Cath™ and EP Tracer Monitoring System

Schwarzer Cardiotek, a leader in the field of Electrophysiology measurement systems and Millar Inc. , a leader in the field of high-fidelity, MEMS based pressure catheter technology, promoting the direct connection between the Millar Mikro-Cath and the EP-Tracer recording system. 


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“Millar catheters have a storied history of use in cardiovascular procedures, so it's exciting to partner with Schwarzer Cardiotek and their customers to leverage high fidelity pressure measurement to improve patient outcomes in EP applications." 

Tim Daughtery, CEO


Black Dell laptop connected to a Mikro-Cath and EP-Tracer recording system.

The difference between moving forward and making history. 

Both companies are founded in strong values, placing high importance on accuracy, innovation and mutual trust. By utilizing a comprehensive approach of creative thinking and expert collaboration, this strategic partnership will allow for best-in-class service and the continuation of breakthrough innovations that will improve clinician workflows. 

The combined use of the Millar Mikro-Cath pressure catheter with the EP-TRACER improves the efficient implantation and optimal placement of pacemakers. It will allow for the opportunity to evaluate the contractility of the left ventricle during stimulation by the pacemaker in real time. 
The connection of the Millar Mikro-Cath pressure catheter to the EP-Tracer system can collect all of the patient data (pressure, stimulation, ECG etc) into a single software platform. The pressure profile in the left ventricle can be detected via the Millar Mikro-Cath pressure catheter and displayed without delay using the EP-TRACER. 


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