Guide to Sensor Selection

Each sensor has certain capabilities and limitations. To choose the best sensor for your device, one must consider a variety of factors.

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Choosing the right sensor matters. 

Smarter medical devices are enabling physicians and healthcare workers to produce quantifiable data that leads to more supportive diagnosis and better data-driven treatments, thereby contributing to an overall improvement in patient quality of life. This transition is being largely enabled by advances in sensor technology.  

With over 50 years of manufacturing knowledge and industry expertise, Millar is the pressure sensor technology expert when customers need innovative, integrative solutions to take their medical device from concept to commercialization fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our OEM partnership process is designed to uncover innovative ways to reduce risk, lower costs and reach patients faster – together. 

Topics covered in the Guide to Sensor Selection include:

  • What is MEMS?
  • MEMS vs. Fluid vs. Fiber Optic
  • Piezoresistive vs. Capacitance
  • Absolute vs. Vented
  • Bridge vs. Half Bridge
  • Digital vs. Analog
  • Sensor Sizing
  • Acute vs. Chronic

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