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The Benefits of Working With a Pressure Sensor Integrator

OEM Engineering Manager, Michelle Davis, discusses the importance of proper integration of a MEMS pressure sensor into medical devices.

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  • Presenter: Michelle Davis, OEM Engineering Manager
  • Title: The Benefits of Working With a Pressure Sensor Integrator
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What You’ll Learn

Today, more value is being placed on the enhancement of medical devices through miniaturization and added capabilities such as pressure-sensing components. Proper integration of a MEMS pressure sensor in a medical device requires in-depth knowledge of sensor types, capabilities, validation, and manufacturing requirements. The nuances of these processes to ensure the quality and expected performance of the sensor requires in-depth knowledge from years of trial and error.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The various pressure measurement applications that Millar supports, including heart assist devices, heart failure, airways, urology, neuro, compartment pressure and more.
  • Why choosing the right sensor matters and the benefits of selecting a MEMS sensor for your device.
  • The numerous user considerations that we have expertise with, such as sensor size, barometric compensation, implantation time and more.
  • The benefits of working with Millar, including our 50 years of MEMS packaging & catheter manufacturing expertise, our on-site ISO Class VII cleanroom, our experience around the regulatory submission process, and our proven track record of delivering low drift and highly accurate clinical products.

Millar Presenters

Portrait of Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis, OEM Engineering Manager






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