About Millar

Making the Improbable Possible

One discovery can change the course of medicine. That’s why Millar® is committed to applying advanced pressure sensor technology to fuel groundbreaking research and, in turn, impact the lives of patients. In animal research and clinical trials around the world, medical scientists rely on Millar pressure catheters, pressure-volume loop systems and telemetry devices to make measurements, and decisions, with unprecedented accuracy, precision and confidence. We continually partner with customers and manufacturers alike to advance the cycle of innovation in medical research. To make the improbable possible.


Since 1969, Millar, Inc. has been a pioneer in the development of pressure sensor technology and has directed its design and manufacturing expertise toward integrating that technology into catheters for applications in the life sciences. These catheters are now known around the world as the Millar® Mikro-Tip® Pressure Transducer Catheters. Millar continues to be committed to providing both clinicians and researchers with the most exacting tools available for obtaining these specific physiological signals.

The company was founded forty years ago by Huntly Millar who remained deeply involved in research and development throughout his lifetime. Shortly after our products were initially introduced, they had become known as the gold standard in vivo pressure measurements. Researchers worldwide have written testimonials to the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of Millar catheters and sensors. In 2001, Huntly Millar was awarded the Laufman-Greatbatch Prize by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) for outstanding accomplishment with a significant impact on a specific medical device. Included in the presentation was the statement, “Millar catheters have come to represent the ‘gold standard’ for accurate measurement to pressure, flow and volume in humans and have become essential for acquisition of accurate hemodynamic data in the assessment of pediatric and adult cardiovascular function.”

Throughout Millar’s history, the goal of research and development has been two-fold: to decrease the diameter of the sensors so as to minimize the interference with the physiological parameters being measured, and to increase the number and kind of measurements that can be taken with a single, minimally invasive procedure.

Our catheter products range from 8 French (2.67 mm diameter) to as small as 1 French (0.33 mm diameter) with single and multiple pressures, as well as velocity and electrode sensors for comprehensive pressure-volume studies. Millar also has a pressure-volume (PV) loop system, capable of simultaneously measuring high-fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume in small and large animal models.

An important part of Millar’s success has come from working with medical researchers around the world. Millar is committed to being an integral part of this ongoing research by developing products and systems that further promote medical advancements and discoveries.