Accuracy in Pressure Measurement

Why Choose Millar?

Clinicians and researchers the world over are constantly discovering innovative ways to use Millar products in treatment. We respond to their innovation in kind, collaborating with customers and manufacturers to engineer our devices for improved performance as well as additional applications. It is this commitment to the human condition that drives Millar to continually provide the tools for making the improbable possible:

  • Patented Mikro-Tip® pressure transducer at the core of all Millar technology
  • Twenty-five years of micromachining and precision manufacturing expertise
  • FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified, class VII clean room
  • CE certified for quality assurance, design and examination
  • Innovative wireless power technology

Creating a Gold Standard

Millar Mikro-Tip® pressure catheters have become known as “Millars” among many of our loyal customers. The quality of our products is backed by clinical users worldwide, who have testified to their accuracy, reliability and fine workmanship. The thousands of clinical and non-clinical studies in hundreds of publications are evidence of the high-quality characteristics of our clinical products and are also manifest in our research pressure catheters, whether standard catalog models or a one-of-a-kind catheter customized to your specific application.

Pressure Catheters Defined by Accuracy

Your research study or clinical trial is validated by its accuracy, and accuracy begins with the selection of instrumentation. Millar’s compliance with national and international standards and regulations is reflected in its certification from accredited registrars and notified bodies, as well as licensed devices throughout several countries around the world. For more information about Millar product certifications, view our credentials.

Over the last 40 years, Millar has earned the reputation for providing precise products through citation in nearly 3,000 published peer-reviewed papers. We are proud that “Millars” are the research scientists’ catheter of choice, and we will continue to offer exceptional quality to enable you to:

  • Validate your data or device with the gold standard
  • Make decisions based on accurate data obtained by the most reliable devices available
  • Publish your important research or clinical trial with confidence
  • Know that you are providing the best patient care with the most accurate data

Thank you for continuing to choose Millar.