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Clinical Solutions for Hemodynamic Measurements

It only takes one breakthrough to make a difference in the life of a patient. At Millar®, we are committed to making that difference every day — by facilitating cutting-edge clinical trials and fueling the development of innovative medical devices. Our clinical products are capable of recording even the most delicate pressures with peerless precision. In the hands of physicians and clinical researchers the world over, this exact data yields a level of insight never thought possible from a single cardiovascular catheterization.

This is how intelligent insights make a life-saving difference.

» Mikro-Cath™ Pressure Catheter
» Non-Invasive Pulse Tonometer
» Pressure Control Units


Physicians and clinical researchers can make more impactful insights with more comprehensive data. Millar’s clinical pressure catheters and systems produce highly accurate recordings, again and again.
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» Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
» Mitral Clipping
» Pulmonary Artery Pressure
» Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP)

We are deeply involved in studies that are working to save lives, from clinical drug trials to medical device evaluation. It’s all part of how Millar makes the improbable possible for patients around the world.
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