Clinical Blood Pressure Measurement

Clinical Blood Pressure Measurement and Monitoring

Millar is focused on providing cardiovascular cath lab clinicians with the most innovative single-use, sterile catheters and products for blood pressure measurement and monitoring. We are continuously devoting resources to developing new disposable clinical products in order to meet the needs of our cardiovascular customer base.

Our Mikro-Cath™ disposable pressure catheter product provides high fidelity, hemodynamic measurements from within the heart and vascular system for expert evaluation of cardiovascular function. For cases that demand the utmost accuracy, such as clinical trials and device development, the Mikro-Cath is the solution for acquiring the most comprehensive and reliable blood pressure data.

History of Millar Clinical Products
For over 40 years, Millar has met the needs of clinicians and researchers in a variety of applications requiring the most accurate physiological signals with our reusable sensor-tipped catheters. Our Mikro-Tip product lines became known as the Gold Standard in the industry and essential for acquiring accurate hemodynamic data for clinical assessment. Overtime our reusable product lines extended beyond the cardiovascular market and we built a reputation on being the source for custom catheter development. However, as a result of the market’s shift from reusable clinical products to single-use, sterile products, Millar has streamlined our clinical product lines and is no longer offering reusable physiological catheters. We believe this shift is an opportunity for Millar to better focus our efforts, giving clinicians greater access to cutting-edge technology and enabling them to make new breakthroughs in the medical community.

Clinical Blood Pressure Catheter Measurement Applications

  • Left Ventricular Blood Pressure
  • Right Ventricular Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac dP/dt
  • Left Ventricular Contractility
  • Right Atrial Pressures
  • Venous Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Wave Analysis
  • Arterial Blood Pressure
  • Diastolic Dysfunction
  • End Diastolic Pressure
  • End Systolic Pressure

Clinical Blood Pressure Measurement Products

Mikro-Cath™ Disposable Pressure Catheter

Mikro-Cath disposable pressure catheter for high-fidelity hemodynamic measurements


For measurement of cardiovascular function during diagnostic or medical research procedures, the Mikro-Cath pressure catheter delivers accurate and reliable hemodynamics data from within the heart and vascular system. More on the Mikro-Cath pressure catheter…


Blood Pressure Control Units

Blood pressure control unitsMillar's blood pressure control units offer two simple solutions for integrating the Mikro-Cath with existing cath lab equipment and data acquisition systems, eliminating the burden of bringing high-fidelity data back into the cath lab. Our current units have built-in two-point electronic calibration and balancing of the pressure sensor for easy operation. More on blood pressure control units...



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