PowerLab® Systems

PowerLab 35 Series for Research

MPVS Ultra and ADInstruments PowerLab with LabChart Pro Software

The PowerLab 35 series from ADInstruments are designed for precise, consistent and reliable data acquisition for even the most demanding research applications.

Key Features:

  • 16-bit, with a 400 S/s ADC giving a maximum channel crosstalk of 200 kS/s
  • Individual channel filters and noise reduction circuitry to minimize crosstalk and signal noise
  • All variants have 2 analog outputs, a TTL trigger input, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
  • High quality manufacturing enables a generous 5 year warranty
  • Components meet strict RoHS and ISO directive
  • All 35 series variants come with LabChart Pro analysis software

A complementary range of stackable ADInstruments Front-Ends is available. These are also covered by a 5-year warranty. 


PowerLab 35 Series Options

PowerLab 16/35 with Lab Chart ProPower Lab 35 Series

  • 16 input channels


PowerLab 8/35 with Lab Chart ProPowerLab 35 Series

  • 8 input channels


PowerLab 4/35 with LabChart ProPowerLab 35 Series

  • 4 input channels


Lab Chart Pro

For more information on PowerLab data acquisition units with LabChart Pro for pressure and pressure-volume analysis, please contact your local ADInstruments representative, or complete this inquiry form.

If you are interested in purchasing PowerLab data acquisition units with LabChart Pro for use with our mouse or rat telemetry systems, please contact us at 1 832.667.7000.