Electrophysiology Catheters

Electrophysiology Catheters for Life Sciences Research

The EPR-800 electrophysiology catheter is the latest addition to Millar’s line of ultra-miniature catheters for use in transgenic mouse research. At only 1.1F (0.36 mm), this sturdy, ultra-miniature, and reusable, eight-electrode catheter is ideal to use with transgenic mice as small as 2.5 grams.

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Model Number Material Subject Length Tip French Electrode Spacing # Electrodes Tip
EPR-800 Nylon and Polyimide Mouse 4.5 cm 1.1F 1 mm 8 Straight
EPR-801 Nylon and Polyimide Mouse 4.5 cm 1.1F 1 mm 8 Straight
EPR-802 Nylon and Polyimide Rat 12.5 cm 1.6F 1 mm 8 Straight

EP Introduction Sites

The ultra-miniature size of the Millar EP catheters allows them to be introduced invasively or minimally invasively to various sites of the animal, including:

  • Jugular vein for placement inside the right atrium and right ventricle
  • Esophagus for placement next to the heart
  • Carotid artery for placement inside the left ventricle

The EPR-800 catheter can be used for invasive intracardiac electrophysiology studies in mice as young as five days old and in even younger mice following minimally invasive transesophageal electrophysiology studies.

EPR-800 Applications

Standard electrophysiology studies are performed with the EPR-800 catheter by applying pacing and recording protocols from inside the heart or through the esophagus to determine electrical properties of the atrium and the ventricle. Programmed electrical stimulation is also applied through the catheter for induction of abnormal heartbeats.

The following transesophageal recording was taken from a mouse weighing 4 grams, and the intracardiac recording was taken from a mouse weighing 22 grams. Both transesophageal and intracardiac bipolar electrograms were recorded using the EPR-800 catheter, with the distal pair of electrodes predominantly recording ventricular electrical activity and the proximal pair recording atrial activity.

Transesophageal Electrograms Intracardiac Electrograms

Transesophageal and Intracardiac Electrograms


EPR Catheter System Hardware and Software Options

The EPR-800 catheter is designed to connect to commercially available amplifiers, stimulators, and data acquisition hardware. Many of the manufacturers also supply the necessary software to acquire, store and analyze information from the EPR-800 electrophysiology catheter.

Millar recommends using ADInstruments products for transgenic mice research.

Standard Parameters Determined via the EPR-800 Catheter

  • Conduction times
  • Refractory periods
  • His potentials
  • Sinus and atrioventricular nodal properties
  • Inducibility of abnormal heartbeats

Interface Cables

Cable ModelPart NumberCable LengthControl Unit Connector
EPC-5A850-50985 ft (152 cm)Redel
EPC-5UT850-51025 ft (152 cm)Unterminated
EPE-3A850-51113 ft (91.4 cm)Redel



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