PCU-2000 Dual Channel Pressure Control Unit

PCU-2000 Dual Channel Pressure Control Unit with Patient Isolation

The PCU-2000 Pressure Control Unit is a CE-approved, two-channel, patient-isolated, line-powered amplifier/interface unit for connecting one or two Millar Mikro-Tip catheters to a CE-approved pressure monitor or data acquisition system. Each channel has an electrically isolated input for patient safety. The analog output signal level of 1V/100 mmHg is compatible with most pressure monitors and data acquisition systems.

The in-line power supply adapts automatically to line voltages from 100 to 240 volts AC. Its power cord is long enough to allow the power supply to be positioned well outside the field of operation.

The PCU-2000 provides electrically isolated bridge excitation and signal amplification for each channel, as well as separate balance or zero controls. Lighted pushbutton switches provide calibration signals equivalent to 0, 25, 100 and 125 mmHg on each channel. A Standby/Transducer switch allows the operator to reset the zero reference and recalibrate during a procedure with the transducer in place in the subject.

LED bar graphs visually confirm transducer functionality. Pressure input connectors are color-coded Redel® style, while pressure output connectors are 1⁄4-inch phono-plug style. Pressure output cables are sold separately.

Cable ModelPart NumberCable LengthCatheter End Connector TypeControl Unit Connector Type
PEC-10C850-508910 ft (305 cm)VikingRedel
PEC-10D850-509010 ft (305 cm)Low ProfileRedel

Note: Viking connectors are round with 4 pins. Low Profile connectors are flat with 4 pins.

Product Specifications

Product Number:
No Repair Option:
Repair Life:
Isolated Input/Output:
Input Connector:
Output Connector:
1/4'' Phono Jack
Line Powered

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