TC-510 Pressure Control Unit

TC-510 Pressure Control Unit

The TC-510 Pressure Control Unit provides a passive interface between the Millar Mikro-Tip catheter pressure transducer and strain gauge pressure monitors, which supply bridge excitation voltage and have balance and calibration controls for full-bridge strain gauge pressure transducers. The TC-510 has an internal calibration circuit to provide an electrical zero as well as a 100 mmHg calibration signal. The output connector is a standard 9-pin sub-D. A separate monitor interface cable is required.

The TC-510 Pressure Control Unit is designed to be used only with monitors which supply patient isolation.

Mikro-Tip Catheter Pressure Interface Cables

Mikro-Tip pressure catheters are provided with either Viking (4-pin) or Millar Low Profile (4-pin) connectors depending on the model purchased. Catheter models with Viking connectors may connect directly to the TC-510. Connecting the catheter with a Viking connector directly to the control unit limits access to the subject or patient. It is recommended that a TEC-10C interface cable be used between the catheter and control unit. All catheters with low profile pressure connectors require a TEC-10D interface cable to the control unit. Each pressure channel requires a separate interface cable and control unit. 

Cable ModelPart NumberCable LengthCatheter End Connector TypeControl Unit Connector Type
TEC-10C850-110810 ft (304 cm)VikingRedel
TEC-10D850-130810 ft (304 cm)Low ProfileRedel

Note:  A strain gauge amplifier is need to complete the connection. Viking connectors are round with 4 pins. Low Profile connectors are flat with 4 pins.

Product Specifications

Product Number:
No Repair Option:
Isolated Input/Output:
Input Connector:
Output Connector:
9 Pin DIN
External Bridge Amp

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