Pressure Control Units

Pressure Control Unit Models

Millar offers a selection of Pressure Control Units and cables for interfacing Millar Mikro-Tip® catheter pressure transducers with clinical cath lab monitors and data acquisition systems. Pressure control unit models output multiple reference voltages for quick calibration and provide dynamic zero balancing of the pressure signal. 

When purchasing a Millar Mikro-Tip blood pressure catheter, one of the following control units is required.

PCU-2000 Pressure Control Unit with Patient Isolation

Millar PCU 200 pressure control unit for use with Mikro-Tip cathetersThe PCU-2000 Pressure Control Unit is a two-channel, patient-isolated, line-powered bridge amplifier for connecting one or two single sensor Millar Mikro-Tip catheters to a clinical cath lab monitor or stand alone data acquisition system. The unit provides built in bridge excitation eliminating the need for a separate bridge amplifier. More on PCU-2000



TC-510 Pressure Control Unit

TC-510 pressure control unit for use with Mikro-Tip cathetersThe TC-510 Pressure Control Unit is a passive interface between the Millar Mikro-Tip catheter pressure transducer and clinical cath lab systems. This model requires connection to either an integrated or stand alone bridge amplifier. More on TC-510



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