Wireless Telemetry Systems Overview

What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the ability to remotely measure (“tele”=remote “metron”=measure) variables of interest. Telemetry allows researchers to measure biological signals at the source (e.g. pressure inside the aorta) which are transmitted outside the body for recording. 

Purpose of telemetry monitoring -
Conscious, unrestrained, long-term

Conscious - Anesthetics affect the integrative (multiple organs including the brain) control of physiologic functions and can confound your results.  Telemetry allows for the collection of data in conscious animals after they have recovered from surgery as well as enabling cognitive and behavioral studies.

Unrestrained – Animal restraint induces stress which will affect normal physiological functions.  Telemetry allows the collection of animals in its home cage in the absence of researchers and other stress inducers. 

Long-term – The monitoring of physiologic function long term (weeks to months) allows the study of biological rhythms and the following of pathology development.

How Kaha Sciences Wireless Telemetry Technology Works

Kaha Sciences combines telemetry with our patented wireless power transfer technology to create solutions for your high-quality monitoring needs.  Our Telemetry Systems utilizes wireless power transfer from SmartPads and tBases (wireless powering units and digital receivers in a single unit) to provide power to our telemeters allowing for long-term, high-frequency sampling (2000 Hz) across our range of telemeters. 

How Kaha Sciences Telemetry Technology Works 










A rechargeable battery on-board our rat telemeters also allow data collection with the animal up to 5m away from the SmartPad. 

The small footprint of our SmartPads and tBases coupled with 40 independent data collection frequencies means you can record from up to 40 animals at any one time in a lab without the need for shielding. 

Kaha Sciences Wireless Telemetry Systems

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