Proof of Concept Explores Design Options

Millar's Proof of Concept process involves product customization to evaluate full sensor integration into one or more working designs. The feasibility assessment uncovers initial design requirements and possible integration pathways. Now it's time to test these assumptions with Proof of Concept. Millar's OEM team explores multiple design concepts and iterations, selects a final design, refines design options, and develops initial documentation with specifications.

Millar Uses Multi-Step Proof of Concept

Medical Device Design Process Determines Potential

More in-depth than a feasibility assessment, Millar's Medical Device Design Process starts with Proof of Concept design sessions at Millar or the customer's location. Our team reviews customer drawings and physical prototypes to determine potential sensor integration options, presenting a formal report that includes recommended next steps. The goal of Millar's Medical Device Design Process is to align end-user and application specifications, and identify how MEMS integration technology can meet or exceed these specifications. Millar and our OEM partners determine the desired accuracy, yield and cost combination that will provide the greatest return while meeting end-user requirements.

Prototype Development and Integrated Planning Tests Initial Concepts

During the Prototype Development and Integrated Planning stage, either Millar builds out the initial prototypes to test concepts discussed during the Discovery phase of the project, or our OEM partners can provide their device or a sub-component of the device for Millar to perform initial pressure sensor integration. Multiple prototype concepts may be implemented until the final design or two are selected for additional testing and evaluation. Prototype performance can be assessed by Millar for accuracy, drift and other factors, and/or by our OEM Solutions partners through their benchtop setup.

Feasibility Studies Provide Validation

Millar's rapid prototyping capabilities enable design iterations to be deployed quickly for animal testing, providing feedback in real work situations. Our OEM partners can select Millar's off-the-shelf MEMS pressure sensor solutions for quick integration into and testing with their existing device. This often provides fast feedback about whether MEMS pressure sensor integration is a viable pathway and can also serve as an early-phase gate for moving forward into more intensive prototyping and design work. In addition, Millar's network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can be leveraged to provide feedback for our OEM Solutions partners that don't have their own networks.

Product Development Preparation Facilitates Project

With our 50 years of experience in medical device integration, we know that it benefits both Millar and our OEM partners to start the partnership aligned with project strategy, expectations and scope. Prior to moving into Prototyping Development, Millar and our partners enter into Millar's standard Product Development Agreement, which captures the scope of each design or production sprint in a Statement of Work. This agreement facilitates project initiation, ensuring that Millar and our partners are in alignment early on and maintains project transparency for both parties throughout the pressure sensor integration process.

Case Study
OEM Solutions Partner Revolutionizes TBI Treatment

A medical device manufacturer reached out to Millar OEM Solutions in 1990 to develop a better method for measuring intracranial pressure in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Since then, we have manufactured nearly one million patented strain-gauge pressure sensors that have revolutionized TBI treatment.

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Previous Step: Discovery

Millar's Discovery phase identifies the best pressure sensor integration for your medical device. This step is critical in determining the appropriate pressure sensing technology and integration possibilities. Come learn more about Millar's Discovery process.

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Next Step: Prototype Development

Once a design has been approved in the Proof of Concept phase, your project will move on to the next step in Millar's OEM Solutions Integration Process -- Prototype Development -- to test product functionality during pressure sensor integration. Come explore Prototype Development.

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