Interstitial Fluid Pressure (IFP)

Measuring and Recording Interstitial Fluid Pressure

Elevated interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) in human and rodent solid tumors has been recognized as an indicator of reduced therapy response and decreased-free survival rates. Millar catheters provided a simple, accurate method for recording tumor interstitial fluid pressures in a variety of models. As validated by Ugur Ozerdem and Alan Hargens in their publication "A simple method for measuring interstitial fluid pressure in cancer tissues,"1 IFP measurements made by Millar catheters are “simple and…equal to those provided by the well-established, wick-in-needle technique."

To date, Millar's SPR-1000, SPR-320 and SPR-524 pressure catheters have all been used to deliver high quality tumor IFP measurements.

If you are currently performing these measurements using traditional fluid filled systems, contact Millar to learn how Mikro-Tip pressure catheters can provide a simpler alternative to streamline your research protocols.

Millar Products in Interstitial Fluid Pressure (IFP) Studies



SPR-320 Pressure Catheter, TC-510

1Ozerdem U, Hargens AR. A simple method for measuring interstitial fluid pressure in cancer tissues. Microvasc Res. 2005;70:116–120. Published online 2005 August 31. Publication link.

SPR-1000 Mouse Pressure Catheter, PCU-2000

Provenzano, P.P. et al., 2012. Enzymatic targeting of the stroma ablates physical barriers to treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Cancer cell, 21(3), pp.418–29. Publication link.

SPR-524 Pressure Catheter, PCU-2000

Sen, A. et al., 2011. Mild elevation of body temperature reduces tumor interstitial fluid pressure and hypoxia and enhances efficacy of radiotherapy in murine tumor models. Cancer research, 71(11), pp.3872–80. Publication link.


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