Making Medical Devices Smarter: DeviceTalks Tuesdays Webcast

Written by: Aimee Price, Marketing Campaign Manager
Reviewed by: Tim Daugherty, President & CEO


On February 22, we had the pleasure of being guests on the DeviceTalks Tuesdays webcast where we discussed making medical devices smarter and the advantages of working with a MEMS sensor integrator, like Millar. Hosted by Tom Salemi, DeviceTalks Tuesdays is a weekly organized discussion and webcast for Medtech companies who want to ensure their teams are atop of the changing world. The goal is to unite industry professionals and facilitate learning and networking. 
The topics of conversation during the webcast ranged from Millar’s rich history in the medical device development space to the future trends of the industry. An example of a question that was asked is: 

Tom Salemi, DeviceTalks Tuesdays: “When working with a customer, how difficult is it to add your sensor to someone else's device? How does it work exactly?” 

Valor Thomas, Millar: “It’s customer specific in a lot of cases. Each device is new, unique, and brings about its own challenges. For example, if a customer brings us a catheter-based device, where they would like to integrate a pressure sensor, we’ve been doing catheter-based pressure sensors for over 50 years. So that is a process that is streamlined and can be accomplished in a relatively quick time frame. As for the other devices that are novel, these typically require complicated integration pathways and for us to embed with their teams over months and even years in order to bring a device to market. It really depends on the device and the goals of the development team.” 

Additionally, we talked through how the healthcare industry is transitioning from a subjective mindset to that of a quantitative mindset. That change is being largely enabled by advances in sensor technology. MEMS sensors can be leveraged in medical devices by providing closed-loop feedback while enabling increased device responsiveness and improved therapy outcomes. Millar's high-performance, medically proven MEMS pressure sensor technology seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of medical devices and applications that are driving the next wave of life-saving medical innovation. 

“Millar has a rich 50-year history of excellence in pressure sensors and that's where the value really comes in working with an integrator.” says Tim Daugherty, Millar President, and CEO “Our clients may be totally focused on their specific applications and may not have the background in MEMS and sensor selection. That’s where we come in.”

The time to market for any medical device is key. Our extensive OEM integration expertise can help ensure the success of our client’s projects by determining optimal sensor integration possibilities, rapidly identifying the right sensor to smooth their path to market. 
To see the full DeviceTalks Tuesdays conversation, please click here. 


Flyer for Millar's Device Talks Tuesdays with a photo of CEO Tim Daugherty and device prototype