Mikro-Tip® Research Pressure System

Advancing Pressure Research

Millar Mikro-Tip® pressure catheters provide an ideal solution for measuring highly accurate pressures. Whether measuring arterial and ventricular blood pressures, spinal pressures, tumor pressures or airway pressures, a high-fidelity pressure sensor from Millar is a necessity for your research.

Millar’s complete line of Mikro-Tip® pressure catheters, amplifiers and systems deliver accurate measurements to meet every researcher’s needs:

Cardiovascular Physiological
  • Left Ventricular Pressure
  • Right Ventricular Pressure
  • Cardiac dP/dt
  • Left Ventricular Contractility
  • Right Atrial Pressures
  • Venous Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Wave Analysis
  • Arterial Blood Pressure
  • Diastolic Dysfunction
  • End-Diastolic Pressure
  • End-Systolic Pressure
  • Fractional Flow Reserve
  • Airway Pressure
  • Intracranial Pressure
  • Spinal Pressure
  • Interstitial Tumor Pressure
  • Abdominal Pressure
  • Bladder Pressure

Mikro-Tip® Pressure Catheters

Ranging in size from 7 F for larger animals to the world’s smallest 1 F catheter for mouse cardiac function evaluation, Millar has the right catheter for your application. Follow the links below to identify catheters for your research applications.

Single Pressure Catheters

  • Single high-fidelity pressure sensor side mounted at the catheter tip
  • Mice, rats and larger animal models such as pigs and sheep
  • Sizes from 1 F (0.33 mm) to 7 F (2.33 mm) in diameter
  • Straight and curved tips without pigtail

Multiple Pressure Catheters

  • Multiple high-fidelity pressure sensors
  • Rats and larger animal models such as pigs and sheep
  • Sizes from 2.5 F (0.83 mm) to 7 F (2.33 mm)
  • Straight and curved tips without pigtail

Control Units

  • Two-point electronic calibration and balancing of pressure sensor
  • Built-in bridge amplifier or unpowered
  • Output analog voltage or connect to third-party amplifiers
  • 1 or 2 channels

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  • Connection Cables
  • Delta-Cal Pressure Transducer Tester


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