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Animal Use Only

Use Millar PV loop systems to measure parameters such as cardiac output, elastance and contractilityThe market-leading Millar Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop System (MPVS) simultaneously and continuously measures high-fidelity ventricular pressure and volume from the intact beating hearts of animals ranging in size from transgenic mice to livestock. The MPVS measures high-fidelity pressure, volume and intracardiac ECG via a single catheter, which combines a Millar pressure sensor with four to twelve conductance electrodes. The cardiovascular pressure and volume signals can be plotted against each other in real time, generating the characteristic left or right ventricular PV loops. These are an excellent representation of the cardiac cycle and yield key information regarding normal or diseased conditions of the heart.

In addition, the Millar MPVS is backed by Millar’s 40 years of experience in pressure and PV loop product development. The result is the highest quality product training and technical support available worldwide. Millar’s knowledgeable representatives and qualified international distributors provide the support you need to integrate PV loop data into your high-level cardiovascular research protocols.

Pressure-Volume (PV) loop 
parameters include:
Pressure-Volume (PV)
applications include:
  • Contractility Index (ESPVR)
  • Elastance (EDPVR)
  • Cardiac Output
  • Stroke Volume
  • Max and Min Ventricular dP/dt
  • Pre-load Recruitable Stroke Work (PRSW)
  • Ejection Fraction
  • Tau
  • Time-Varying Maximum Elastance E(t)
  • End-Systolic Elastance (Ees)
  • Max and Min dV/dt
  • Arterial Elastance (Ea)
  • Baseline PV loop analysis
  • Occlusion PV loop analysis
  • Phenotyping gene manipulations
  • Cardiac hypertrophy
  • Cardiac failure
  • Cardiovascular remodeling
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmacology (rapid drug screening)
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy
  • Surgical interventions
  • Ischemia/reperfusion studies
  • Vascular occlusions
  • Transgenic manipulation

Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Solutions

Millar offers two complete solutions for the PV loop researcher, the MPVS Ultra®Single Segment system and the full MPVS Ultra® system. Both systems utilize the same proven Millar conductance technology and provide a simple, streamlined software interface for setup and calibration.

The MPVS Ultra systems provide proven flexible calibration options for both small and large animal PV loop studies. Both systems can be combined with commonly available technologies to provide a real-time, absolute volume output while also maintaining the integrity of the original conductance data.

When combined with Millar’s highly sensitive PV loop catheters and LabChart Pro Software with a PowerLab 16/35 16-channel data acquisition unit, both from ADInstruments -  MPVS Ultra provides the ideal solution for complete cardiac function assessment in a wide range of animal models. This configuration is perfect for the core facility or collaborative labs interested in combining resources to acquire a single platform to meet their cardiovascular research needs.

MPVS Ultra Single Segment

As the pioneering company for pressure-volume loop research, Millar provides the first and only upgradeable hardware solution to meet your evolving research needs. The MPVS Ultra Single Segment provides the most economical solution to rodent PV loop studies on the market today. This system includes two pressure amplifiers, a single segment of volume measurement, intracardiac ECG and intuitive software control at a fraction of the cost of comparable imaging technologies.

As your research evolves from rodent studies to larger animal models, your MPVS Ultra Single Segment unit can evolve with you via a simple software upgrade. This will unlock the full capability of the MPVS Ultra system and allow volume measurement across up to seven electrode segments using Millar Ventri-Cath multi-segment PV loop catheters. Contact your local ADInstruments representative to upgrade or inquire about upgrading your MPVS Ultra Single Segment unit.

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MPVS Ultra

The MPVS Ultra system is the only solution for assessing complete cardiac function in animal models ranging in size from mice to livestock. The system is compatible with Millar’s complete line of small animal PV loop catheters and large animal Ventri-Cath PV loop catheters.

The MPVS Ultra includes two pressure amplifiers, up to seven segments of volume measurement, intracardiac ECG and intuitive software control for simple optimization of catheter placement within the ventricle.

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Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Catheters

Millar’s PV loop catheters provide comprehensive cardiac function assessment for animal research studies.

  • Simultaneous high-fidelity pressure and volume measurements from a single catheter
  • 1 to 6 French catheter tip sizes for use in small mice to domestic livestock
  • Single-field or dual-field configurations to accommodate various heart sizes
  • Dual pressure sensor models available
  • Designed for use with MPVS Ultra® PV loop system
  • Applicable for closed-chest or open-chest surgical procedures as well as isolated working heart studies

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LabChart Pro Analysis Software

LabChart creates a platform for all of your recording devices to work together, allowing you to acquire biological signals from multiple sources simultaneously and apply advanced calculations and plots as your experiment unfolds. The PV Loop add-on for LabChart is specifically designed for the analysis of in vivo ventricular pressure-volume data in small and large animals

  • Variety of calculation tables and analysis plots including Loop View
  • Intelligent presets and streamlined workflows for large animal, small animal or echocardiogram users
  • Industry standard parameters including stroke work, cardiac output, ejection Fraction, Tau Isovolumic Relaxation Constant and many more
  • Powerful volume calibration and alpha calibration
  • Parallel conductance averaging
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The complete MPVS Ultra® is available through Millar as well as a selection of Pressure Control Units and cables that interface Millar Mikro-Tip® catheter pressure transducers to physiological monitors. All accessories are sold separately.

Control units and accessories


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