Research Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Catheters

PV Loop Catheters for Animal Studies

Mikro-Tip® accuracy has now come full circle. For complete pressure-volume (PV) loop analysis in large and small animal models, Millar’s pressure-volume (PV) loop catheters integrate seamlessly with the MPVS Ultra® pressure-volume loop system. These catheters combine pressure sensors and electrodes for simultaneous high-fidelity pressure and volume measurements, enabling minimally invasive, continuous, intracardiac pressure-volume analysis.

Mouse/Rat Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Catheters

Millar’s Mikro-Tip® ultra-miniature PV loop catheters have revolutionized the possibilities for cardiovascular research in small animals. These ultra-miniature catheters are capable of measuring both left ventricular pressure and volume simultaneously from the intact, beating hearts of mice and rats. They may be used in either closed-chest or open-chest surgical procedures, as well as in isolated working heart studies.

With the world's smallest catheter tip size of 1F (1/3mm), the PVR-1045 is the newest addition to Millar's market-leading line of ultra-miniature catheters for use in small animal research. The smaller diameter gives researchers a powerful new tool in the characterization of cardiovascular function by allowing access to smaller animals than ever before possible.

Rabbit/Small Animal Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Catheters

Millar provides a variety of 3F multi-segment PV loop catheters for complete cardiac function assessment in rabbits and other small animals.

Large Animal Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop Catheters 

Millar’s Ventri-Cath PV Loop catheter is the ideal solution for researchers who work every day to unlock the answers to cardiovascular disease using the large animal model. Only the Ventri-Cath delivers a combination of unmatched accuracy, market leading value and compatibility with the most versatile PV Loop system available.

The Ventri-Cath is the only PV Loop catheter that can provide up to seven segments of volume measurement. By dividing the signal into many smaller signals, Millar is able to deliver the most accurate measure of cardiac function in a variety of ventricular sizes and disease states. When connected to the MPVS Ultra, the Ventri-Cath provides instantaneous catheter position feedback to facilitate real-time adjustment of the system to accurately match the number of active volume segments to the length of the ventricular axis. This allows a single catheter to be used across a number of animal models or heart sizes.

Millar is committed to increasing the value our products routinely deliver to our customers.  As part of this effort, we/Millar have streamlined the manufacturing process of the Ventri-Cath to provide the same proven performance you expect for over 30% less cost. This means that more researchers are able to incorporate Millar’s gold standard PV loop technology into cutting edge work.



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