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Millar OEM Solutions partners with companies worldwide to break down barriers to innovation, improve manufacturing processes, expedite time to market, and reach patients faster than ever – a multidisciplinary approach to bringing innovation to life. This collaborative process is our foundation for translating new ideas into successful products. From clinical trials oversight to manufacturing setup to full-spectrum partnerships that bring your best ideas to market, our experienced OEM team provides support wherever your organization needs it.


MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Applications

Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) integrates mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics through microfabrication technology. These medically-leading performance sensors can easily integrate with implantable, wireless, catheter-based and other medical devices, helping to connect doctors to patient insights faster than ever. Medical conditions such as heart failure, respiratory failure, compartment syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, and others can benefit from medical devices with pressure-sensing technology.

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When you believe innovation has no limits, you discover a whole new world of possibilities. Learn more about how our work with MEMS pressure sensors is helping to lead the future of medical discovery.

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