Millar, Inc. and ADInstruments Announce Strategic Worldwide Partnership

Millar, Inc., leading provider of sensor-based catheters and systems, and ADInstruments, industry leader of data acquisition systems, announced today, during American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL, a new strategic partnership encompassing an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for Millar's gold-standard research Mikro-Tip® pressure and MPVS Pressure-Volume systems.

This new strategic partnership will leverage the market leading strengths of Millar and ADInstruments to redefine the capability of both companies to deliver first-class customer service and application support for users of Millar products worldwide. Customers around the world will have increased access to in-country (local) sales and support resources, reducing support response times and improving communication.

From product workshops to new product development initiatives, Millar and ADInstruments' long history of collaboration made this enhanced partnership a natural step forward.

"By working even more closely with ADInstruments, Millar can deliver improved global support for our research customers, while at the same time increasing our focus on delivering innovative clinical solutions for cardiologists and medical researchers involved in heart failure research and medical device development," said Tim Daugherty, Director, Sales & Marketing at Millar, Inc.

ADInstruments, like Millar, has a profound belief in excellent product quality and the highest level of customer service. This shared philosophy was instrumental in bringing our two companies together in 2002 in a non-exclusive sales agreement. Our new partnership means we can make significant investments in sales and support initiatives both in the US and internationally which will ultimately benefit all Millar customers." said Graham Milliken, Chief Operating Officer at ADInstruments.

About Millar, Inc.
Founded in 1969, Millar, Inc. pioneered the development of catheter-based, solid-state pressure sensors and is known worldwide as the gold standard for physiologic pressure measurement. Today the company's pressure, PV loop and telemetry systems enable medical discovery in life sciences while its Mikro-Cath™ disposable pressure catheter and the Inca® PV loop system are used by cardiologists performing medical research and advanced cardiovascular diagnosis.

About ADInstruments
Established in 1988, ADInstruments developed the original, high performance digital data acquisition and analysis systems for Life Science. The products, including PowerLab®, LabChart® and LabTutor®, enable users to record and analyze life science data quickly and efficiently, whether it is to further their academic or private industry research, or to advance understanding of scientific concepts in biomedical classrooms.